Sell Gold Jewellery

Sell Gold Jewellery, One of the reasons Gold Buyers Sydney has become one of the most trusted and popular retailers in NSW for selling your unwanted gold jewellery is our proven track record of expert advice and service. We pride ourselves on our open and honest valuations, which enables us to be the highest paying gold buyer in Sydney, as voted by Choice magazine – The People’s Watchdog. Conveniently located inside the Grace City hotel lobby in Sydney CBD, our highly professional experts will happily provide you with a free, no obligation valuation service.

Whatever your reason for selling your gold jewellery, be it saving for your dream holiday, unwanted gifts, inheritance or the breakdown of a relationship, Gold Buyers Sydney will be able to offer you an instant cash injection in return for your gold, regardless of the condition of the item. We have set in place a Gold Jewellery Selling process that ensures we deliver our many valued clients with a 100% transparent, safe, simple and reliable process they can trust.

Come in store or call 02 9299 8070 today to reap the rewards of this highly valuable market with an award winning retailer you can be sure to trust. Turn your unwanted gold into cash instantly with Sydney’s highest paying gold buyer.

Why we are rated one of the best gold buyers in Sydney. Simple you get only the best value for money when you sell your gold every time. Come see how we value your gold and get a fast free quote today.


How to Sell Gold Jewellery.

Follow these 4 easy steps when selling your gold Jewellery.
1. Give us a call or simply come into our store at 77 York Street inside the Grace Hotel 5 mins from Townhall Station.

2. Evaluating the karat value and weight of all pieces of gold. The next step in the process of selling your gold involves determining how many karats a piece of gold has and how much it weighs.

 Gold purity is commonly marked on the item and is graded as follows:


Karat Marking Purity
24 karat 999 99.9% purity
22 karat 916 91.6% purity
20 karat 833 83.3% purity
18 karat 750 75.0% purity
14 karat 585 58.8% purity
10 karat 417 41.7% purity
9 karat 375 37.5% purity

3. Determine current gold rate and once the purity which will determine the current market price of your gold. We continuously check the most up to date price of gold per ounce to ensure the best gold buyers price is given.

4. We Offer you an instant cash price for gold, easy as that.